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Board Meeting:
Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 6:00 PM
County Commission Meeting Room
1021 E. Hwy 22
1) Welcome
2) Presentation – Centralia Public Library
3) Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
4) Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees
a) Secretary Report
i) Memberships
b) Treasurer Report
i) Monthly Expenditures
ii) Account Balance
c) Networking Committee Report
d) Marketing Committee Report
i) “Live Centralia” Tour Report
e) Finance & Funding Committee
i) Review Pro Forma Budget
5) Reports of Special (Select or Ad Hoc) Committees
a) Web Site Update
6) Special Orders
a) 501(c)(3) 1023 Application
7) New Business
a) Centralia Map Committee
b) Short Term Goals
c) Long term Goals
i) Fundraising
d) CREDI Presentations Dates
8) Public Comment
9) Adjournment