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Board Meeting:
Tuesday, March 27th, 2011 6:00 PM
County Commission Meeting Room
1021 E. Hwy 22
1) Welcome
2) Presentation – Connie Sample, Post Master for the Centralia Post Office, will
present a mail campaign program that will benefit businesses in our area.
3) Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
4) Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees
a) Secretary Report
b) Treasurer Report
c) Networking Committee Report
i) 2012 Job Fair & Business Exposition
d) Marketing Committee Report
e) Director nominations & Elections
5) Reports of Special (Select or Ad Hoc) Committees
a) Centralia Map
b) The 3/50 Project
c) 501(c)(3) 1023 Application update
6) New Business
7) Public Comment
8) Next CREDI Meeting Program
9) Adjournment