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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)
Brian Maenner – CREDI Executive Board Secretary
Minutes from February 21st meeting 6:00PM – Centralia Recreation Center

I. Elections of Board Officers

- Barry Stevens – President
- Don Rodgers - Vice President
- Brian Maenner – Secretary/Treasurer

II. Discussion of membership dues

- It was discussed about what an appropriate amount would be for
membership dues. – Discussion was tabled until March 8th Board Meeting.

III. Job Fair Discussion

- Brandy Forrest reported that Job Fair Committee had met and had set
preliminary date for the Job Fair to be April 30th.
- Setup would be from 7:00-8:00am, Networking Breakfast from 8:00-
9:00am and then the Job Fair from 9:00-1:00.
- It was determined to have a $25 booth fee and Board approved Brandy to
collect and hold those monies.
- March 30th Job Fair registration deadline

IV. Banking Discussion

- Discussion took place regarding the need to get a bank account setup for
the corporation with the corporation receiving funds for membership/Job
- Don Rodgers and Bob Monroe will check with Jason Shackelford
regarding any legalities of the corporation having a bank account until it
reaches 501C-3 status.

V. Articles of Incorporation Discussion

- Discussion took place regarding the need to get with Jason Shackelford to
get our Articles of Incorporation submitted. Discussion was tabled until
March 8th Board Meeting.

VI. Other Discussion

- Brandy Forrest offered to create a CREDI Facebook page and update it
regularly. Board agreed to have her do so.
- Brian Maenner working on CREDI logo. Will have ideas and examples at
next Board meeting.

VII. Adjournment



Attendance: Barry Stevens, Bob Monroe, Don Rodgers, Brandy Forrest, Don
Bormann, Brian Maenner

Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes:

- Lorry Myers was absent due to illness, but was voted to be Committee
- Marketing Committee met after Board meeting and it was determined that
we need to be in Data Collection Mode in order to work on Tour Centralia
and Website.
- Committee split up areas of data collection.
Don Rodgers – Schools,Utilities, Sports,
Bob Monroe – Healthcare, Churches,
Barry Stevens –Dining & employers,
Brian Maenner – Demographics, City Profile, Available building/sites,
Lorry Myers – Recreation, Parks, entertainment.
- Committee would like to have some information to present at next
Marketing Committee meeting.