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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)
Minutes from March 22nd meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room

I. Welcome

Board Attendance:
Barry Stevens, Bob Monroe, Don Rodgers, Don Bormann, Brian Maenner,
Lorry Myers and Brandy Forrest
General Attendance: Charlie Hedberg, Lynn Behrens, Jim Blankinship, Steve
Guest: Larry Dickerson

II. Old Business

- Review March 8th Meeting minutes: Meeting minutes to be revised with
adjournment time stated and attendance list moved to beginning of
meeting minutes. Motion made and approved
- Dues information to be published in March 23rd edition of the Centralia
Fireside Guard.

III. Job Fair Discussion

- Brandy Forrest reported that the Networking Committee would be
contacting community calendars and other media outlets in order to
advertise the event.
- Committee to consider signage for the event
- Flyers and registration forms have been passed out to area businesses.
- It was reported that 13 companies have already committed to the event.
- It was discussed as to whether to have a CREDI Booth to help promote the
organization and to help attract new members.
- Lorry Myers volunteered to make a CREDI flyer, describing what CREDI
is and does, so they can be handed out during the event.
- Board approved the membership application form would be review via
email, prior to the next CREDI meeting.

IV. Marketing Committee Discussion

- Discussion took place regarding the Centralia Shoppers’ Guide, what
information was listed within Guide and hope it would be a good item to
include in a “Welcome to Centralia” packet.

V. By-Laws Discussion

- All Board Members signed By-Laws.

VI. Articles of Incorporation Discussion

- Articles of Incorporation paperwork has been signed by all Board
members and submitted to the State.
- EIN number has been established and therefore we are able to set up a
temporary bank account.
- Lorry Myers reported that she is working on the official 501-C3
paperwork for the organization and will answer as many of the questions
as possible. After such point the Board will need to help answer remaining
questions prior to having paperwork reviewed Jason Shackelford.
- Board also agreed to have a accounting firm review this paperwork after
completed and prior to submitting to the IRS.
- Barry to talk to Gerding, Korte & Chitwood to see if they might be willing
to review at not cost.
- Lynn Behrens offered the City’s mailing address as the official mailing
address for CREDI for the 501-C3 paperwork. Motion made and

VII. Larry Dickerson Discussion

- Larry commented on how organized CREDI is and how determined we
seem to be to reach our goals.
- Larry stated some areas that we need to focus on in the coming months.
1. Board Duties Training (4-6 hours)(Could be split into multiple
2. Create Logo/visual image that can be recognized by the
3. Be Visual, Credible and Integral with the Community
4. Create website with community profile and link to other area
5. Area Demographics
6. “Do It Right” – Don’t quickly jump into tasks.
- Larry hosts a monthly radio show on KOPN. Has asked us to come on
radio with him. It was established that CREDI would do so on November

VIII. Fundraising Committee

- Discussion took place regarding a possible Centralia Area Beautification
Project and possible ways to get grants/funds to complete it.

IX. Meeting Schedule

- April 26 at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room
- It was established that CREDI will meet the 4th Tuesday of each month.
Motion was made and approved.

X. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.