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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)
Minutes from April 26th meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room

I. Welcome

Board Attendance:
Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Don Bormann, Brian Maenner, Lorry Myers and
Brandy Forrest
General Attendance: Jeff Grimes, Nancy Baca, Jim Blankinship, Fina Keller

II. Old Business

- Review March 22nd Meeting minutes: Meeting minutes to be approved as
read. Motion made and approved

III. Job Fair Discussion

- Must have General Liability insurance to use school. Can get insurance
through school of $77.00 or purchase our own coverage.
- Prenger’s and C&R to donate fruit, Casey’s to donate coffee and donuts,
Sonic to donate bottled water.
- Surveys will be prepared for attendees and applicants to gain feedback for
the next Job Fair.
- M&M golf and Spirit Machinery to have golf carts and cookers on
display. Possible double booth fee for next year if need more space than
the allotted booth space.
- CREDI flyer presented by Lorry Myers, after review by all in attendance,
a few minor revisions to be made and then approved.

IV. Marketing Committee Discussion

- Discussion took place regarding whether or not to have a booth during the
Anchorfest. After much discussion, it was determined to just have a float
with banners and handouts during the parade. (Fina volunteered a truck
and trailer for the parade)

V. Long Range Planning Training.

- May 17th, 18th and 25th
- Discuss Board of Directors training at next meeting on May 24th.

VI. Membership Packet Discussion

- Flyer and application approved.
- Possible membership drive/activity (BBQ, Party, etc) More discussion at
next meeting.

VII. Logo Discussion

- Multiple CREDI logos were presented and after discussion it was
approved that we use the simple CREDI logo.

VIII. Liability Insurance Discussion

- Requested and received insurance proposal from three (3) companies.
- Hildebrande - $574.00, State Farm - $375.00 and Shelter - $679.00 for
General Liability Insurance.
- Nancy Baca presented that we would need Directors’ and Officials’
Insurance, but not immediately.
- To add Directors’ and Officials’ Insurance to the General Liability
Insurance Proposal – Hildebrande ($1,134.00) State Farm ($1,175.00)
- Motion was made and seconded to go with State Farm for our General
Liability insurance.
- It was presented that we needed to state a physical address for the
insurance coverage – approved to make Community Room Address as
physical address.

IX. Fundraising Committee

- Discussion took place regarding a possible Centralia Area Beautification
Project and possible ways to get grants/funds to complete it.

X. Meeting Schedule

- May 24 at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XI. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.