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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)

Minutes for June 28th meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Brandy Forrest and Brian Maenner (Don Bormann absent)

General Attendance: Fina Keller, Nancy Baca, Lynn Behrens, Jim Blankinship, Ann Barnes, Tim Greinke

II. Old Business

- Review May 24th Meeting minutes:

- Minutes Corrections- Motion made (Lorry) 2nd (Nancy) approved

III. Networking Committee Report

- Will be setting up meeting to start working on next years Job Fair.

- Discussion about having job fair/business expo twice a year.

- Discussion about job fair budget and possible expenses. Committee to prepare income/expense budget to present to Board next meeting.

IV. Marketing Committee Report

- Discussion to work on promotional booklet with lots of pictures and key assets of Centralia. Committee will begin working on this.

- Discussion on preparing a set of business cards with key contact information regarding CREDI. Barry stated that he could print these once the information is gathered.

- "Live Centralia” Campaign Report –

1. Lorry reported that School and Hubbell to be on board to participate. Hubbell brings in around 8 office workers a month to potentially hire.

2. Establish student ambassadors for families with school age children. These ambassadors would give the children tours of the school.

3.Tim informed the Board that the City will be reviewing the Centralia Welcome Packets on July 11th. That we could provide information to those packets.

- Discussion regarding Donor recognitions to business and individual donors. Discussion was tabled until next meeting.

- Discussion regarding putting together a funding packet in order to solicit operation expense donations from Electric Cooperatives, etc. Marketing committee to work on further.

- Website – Board agreed to pay Stephen Dorman $75 for website creation.


V. Board of Directors Training Discussion

- July/August – Barry to send out emails to establish possible dates with Board members.

VI. Treasurer Appointment

- Discussion: Motion made to use Martinsburg Bank & Trust as bank to establish CREDI account with. 2nd and approved.

- Four Board officers will be established as approved signers for checks.

- ___________________________________________________________

- ___________________________________________________________

- ___________________________________________________________

- Appointed Treasurer: Lorry Myers

VII. Business Expo Budget

- Networking committee to establish budget and present back to Board for approval.

VIII. Operating Budget

- Barry prepared preliminary budget to start being reviewed. Copies given to each member for review to add/remove items.

- Barry to contact and setup meeting with Skip Elkin, Boone County Commissioner, to discuss possible lease for Hwy 22 office space.

IX. Short Term Goals

- 501- 3C paperwork – Contact REDI for a copy of their paperwork.

- Barry to get CREDI paperwork from Lorry to start working on further.

X. Long Term Goals

- Discussion – next meeting

XI. Meeting Schedule

- Next meeting, July 26 at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XII. Other Discussion

- Lynn to contact Bernie Andrews, REDI, to be a future guest speaker.

- Barry set goal for each member present to bring one person with them to the next meeting.

- CREDI Presentations to local Organizations and Clubs

1. City Council - 7/11/11

2. Rotary Club – 7/27/11

3. School Board – 8/8/11 (Don R. to set up)

4. Centralia Chamber – TBD

5. Knights of Columbia – TBD

6. Optimist Club – TBD

7. Masonic Lodge – TBD

8. American Legion – TBD

9. Hallsville Chamber – TBD

- Nancy made presentation regarding direct door mail for information cards, etc.

XIII. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.