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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)

Minutes for August 23th meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Don Bormann, Brandy Forrest and Brian Maenner (Bob Monroe absent)

General Attendance:

Lynn Behrens, Ann Barnes, Jason Shakelford, Stephen Dorman, Tim Greinke, Jim Blankinship

Guest Attendance:

Jacob Baker & Ryan Hendrickson – Columbia Tribune

Bob & Doris Scribner

II. Reading & Approval of Minutes

- Review July 26th Meeting minutes:

- Minutes Corrections- Motion made (Lorry) 2nd (Brandy) approved as read.

III. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

- Secretary’s Report – Memberships

1. Ten paid members of CREDI

2. Received three (3) new members in previous month.

- Tresurer’s Report – Memberships

1. Account Balance - $1,662.25

2. Month expenditure – Insurance premium

IV. Networking Committee Report

- CREDI After Hours Report –

1. Goal of 35-50 attendees, Actual attendance – 41

2. Had positive publicity, which attracted two (2) new memberships

3. Thank you’s have been sent to donors.

4. Committee will meet again in a few weeks to start planning next event. .

V. Marketing Committee Report

- “Live Centralia” Campaign Report –

1. First Tour took place with 13 new school district employees. (only one lives in Centralia.)

2. Four vehicles were donated by Forrest Chevrolet for tours.

3. Had positive feedback from tour participants – “wished they had brought kids on tour”

4. 3 surveys have been returned with positive feedback.

VI. Select Committee Report

- Laptop and Accounting Software –

1. Radio Shack has best price on laptop ($329.00)

2. Software pricing ($45.00)

VII. Website

- Marketing committee met a couple weeks ago to work on more information for website.

- Add daycare listings

- More detailed “Live Centralia” Tour information.

VIII. Special Orders

- 501- 3C paperwork –

1. Gerding, Korte, Chitwood – CPA’s assisted in paperwork.

2. Paperwork ready to sign and submit.

3. IRS fee of $850.00 needs to be sent with paperwork. – Email sent to get Board approval – Unanimous approval.

4. Application takes 6-8 weeks to process

IX. Board of Directors Training Discussion

- September/October/November – Barry to send out emails to establish possible dates with Board members. Will take 2-3 evenings.

- Training with be in conjunction with Chamber Board.

X. Centralia Map Committee

- Jason Shackelford, Bob Monroe, Jeff Grimes & Stephen Dorman

- Committee to coordinate with Chamber.

XI. Short Term Goals

- Intern Status

1. Had inquiries and possible interest.

2. Intern to work on data collection and marketing materials.

XII. Long Term Goals

- Fundraising –

1. Brandy established at Committee Chair

XIII. Meeting Schedule

- Next meeting, September 27 at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XIV. Other Discussion

- CREDI Presentations at Board Meetings (Board member responsible)

1. September – MAEDC (Brian)

2. October – (Don Rodgers)

3. November – (Lorry)

4. December – (Brandy)

XV. Public Comment

- Jason Shackelford – Thanked everyone for all their hardwork.

- Tim Greinke – Appreciative of all hardwork. Challenge everyone to bring one guest to next meeting.

XVI. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.