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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)

Minutes for September 27th meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Brandy Forrest and Brian Maenner – Don Bormann had to leave early. (Lorry Myers absent)

General Attendance:

Jason Shackelford, Tim Greinke, Jim Blankinship, Bob Scribner, Doris Scribnew

II. Anchor City Cookoff Presentation

- Matt Stephens

- Idea started 2 years ago, had 20 teams last year and expecting many more this year.

- This year is a sanctioned KCBS event.

- Event getting support by Rotary, K&C.

III. Reading & Approval of Minutes

- Review August 23rd Meeting minutes:

- Minutes Corrections- Motion made (Brandy) 2nd (Bob) approved as read.

IV. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

- Secretary’s Report – Memberships

1. Ten paid members of CREDI

2. Received two (2) new members, bringing membership to 19

- Tresurer’s Report – Memberships

1. Account Balance - $1,018.95

V. Networking Committee Report

- Fina has had a few family issues and committee has been unable to meet (Brandy reports)

- Tentative meeting in a couple weeks.

- Upcoming membership drive meeting – more to come.

VI. Marketing Committee Report

- “Live Centralia” Campaign Report –

1. Two more tours took place and went very well. One looking very hard at living in Centralia.

2. Barry and Lorry met with John Bliven (Hubbell) last Friday.

a. Had positive response

b. Hubbell has difficulty hiring skilled labor force.

3. Possible tour during our October meeting.

VII. Finance/Funding Committee.

- Larry Dickerson – Finance / Funding seminar

- Develop action plan with committee members gathering a list of possible new at large committee members

VIII. Select Committee Report

- Laptop and Accounting Software –

1. Tabled until further notice.

IX. Website

- Stephen not in attendance – discussion tabled.

X. Special Orders

- 501- 3C paperwork –

1. Received letter from IRS acknowledging that they had received our paperwork.

XI. Board of Directors Training Discussion

- On hold until January/February

XII. Centralia Map Committee

- Jason Shackelford, Bob Monroe, Jeff Grimes & Stephen Dorman

- Committee met with Chamber to coordinate map. Scheduled to be finished for production by January 2012.

XIII. Short Term Goals

- Intern Status

1. No intern fit our profile needs. Will try again next semester.

XIV. Long Term Goals

- Fundraising –

1. Brandy established at Committee Chair

XV. Meeting Schedule

- Next meeting, November 22 at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XVI. Other Discussion

- CREDI Presentations at Board Meetings (Board member responsible)

1. November – (Don)

2. December – (Brian)

XVII.Public Comment

- No public comment

XVIII. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.