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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)

Minutes for November 22nd meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Don Bormann and Brian Maenner

(Brandy Forrest absent)

General Attendance:

Jim Blankinship, Bob Scribner, Doris Scribner

II. Mexico Chamber of Commerce Presentation

- Dana Keller – Chamber director had to cancel due to personal obligations

III. Reading & Approval of Minutes

- Review September 27th Meeting minutes:

- Minutes Corrections- Motion made (Lorry) 2nd (Don R.) approved as read.

IV. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

- Secretary’s Report – Memberships

1. No new members in previous month

- Tresurer’s Report – Memberships

1. Account Balance - $964.68

2. Last Month’s expenditures –

a. $150.00 – City Maps

b. $28.00 – 6 month fee for PO box

V. Networking Committee Report

- Fina has resigned as committee chairperson. New chairperson to be appointed.

VI. Marketing Committee Report

- “Live Centralia” Campaign Report –

1. No additional tours were given this month.

2. Lorry sent Hubbell a Thank you for the tour and presentation at last meeting.

- KOPN Radio show –

1. Barry and Don R. attended and was able to promote CREDI in real positive way on radio show with Larry Dickerson.

VII. Finance/Funding Committee.

- Enhance Centralia propaganda to solicit higher donors.

- Setup case statement to solicit donations/sponsors

VIII. Select Committee Report

- Laptop and Accounting Software –

1. Tabled until further notice.

IX. Website

- Stephen not in attendance – Site being updated and uploaded this week.

X. Special Orders

- 501- 3C paperwork –

1. Change Articles of Incorporation to adjust wording slightly

2. Have until January 25, 2012 to amend paperwork and resubmit.

3. Reviewing to possibly change classification from C3 to C6

4. Bob Scribner suggested to generate a business plan and that should fill in a lot of information needed.

5. Motion made to proceed with 501c3 status (Don R.) Seconded (Lorry) motion approved.

XI. Board of Directors Training Discussion

- On hold for now

XII. Short Term Goals

- Women’s Network Event

1. Support women in business

2. Event will be a social hour with three (3) keynote speakers.

3. Event to possibly take place in March

4. Event will be open to all businesses and widely promoted.

5. Lorry will coordinate CREDI’s involvement.

XIII. Long Term Goals

- Business plan

1. Brandy established at Committee Chair

XIV. Meeting Schedule

- There will be no December meeting due to the holidays.

- Next meeting, January 24th at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XV. Other Discussion

- CREDI Presentations at Board Meetings (Board member responsible)

1. January – (Don R) – Dana Keller, Mexico Chamber of Commerce

XVI. Public Comment

- Don Bormann will be running for Northern Boone County Commissioner.


- Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.