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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)                                             

Minutes for March 27, 2012 meeting 6:00 PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Donnie Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Bob Monroe, Don Bormann (Brandy Forrest, Brian Maenner, absent) Don Bormann left the meeting at 6:30 pm

General Attendance:

Bob Scribner, Nancy Bacca, Tim Grenke, Ronnie Waters, Lynn Behrns, Paula Hayden

II. Presentation—Connie Sample, Centralia Post Master

Connie gave a presentation of a direct mail campaign that anyone can use to promote their business. Each piece mailed would cost 14.5 cents compared to a 45 cent stamp. Connie had samples of mailers and suggestions for coupons and other promotional ideas. Connie offered to come into the business to help with the mailing.

Presentation—Paula Hayden, Centralia Radio Shack

Paula showed two laptops that are available for purchase. One was a Toshiba for $399, and the other was an Acer for $349. Both had the same specs and would match the organization’s needs. CREDI would use the laptop for financial records and recording the minutes of each meeting.

III. Reading & Approval of Minutes

- Motion made (Bob Monroe) 2nd (Donnie) to approve the minutes as read.

Unanimous vote.

IV.Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

- Secretary’s Report – None

- Treasurer’s Report –

1. Account Balance - $1017.93

2. 20 members

V. Networking Committee Report

- Report given by Nancy Baca. Job Fair date is April 21, 2012 at the Centralia Intermediate School from 9:00 – 11:00 am. So far 22 businesses have committed with a goal of 30 businesses participating. Instead of asking for donations from businesses, the hospitality booth will be sponsored by Ann Barnes from Missouri Staffing. Barry brought up the preferred method of receiving donations and suggested that CREDI pay any expense, then accept donations to cover that expense. Donations and expenses would be easier to track that way.

VI. Marketing Committee

- Discussion of Live Centralia Tour. Lorry will contact Darin Ford at Centralia Schools and John Blevin of Hubbell to remind them that tours are available for new employees. The will also contact new manager at Sonic and business owners of China King about Centralia tours. Explanation of the tours was provided and suggested methods we can use to get the information out to people.

VII. Reports of Special Committes

a. Map Committee is to meet 3-27 at noon to finalize the map design.

b. Discussion of the 3/50 project: Jason talked about the presentation by Dana Keller and how that got CREDI motivated to try the same project in our community.  Lorry, Jason, Barry and Donnie met with Dana over lunch the next week to break down the program and get specifics. This 3/50 committee then met over lunch to discuss how to bring the project to Centralia. On the 3/50 website, the Centralia Chamber of Commerce was registered as a participate so during that lunch meeting, Jason called the Chamber President who told him that she did not know anything about the project and did not believe that there were plans to pursue it. Since that time, the 3/50 team (Jason absent) attended the Centralia Chamber of Commerce meeting to offer to partner with them to pursue the project. It was suggested that another meeting with Dana Keller would be appropriate.

c. Paula Hayden from Centralia Radio Shack was in attendance and mentioned that she herself registered her business on the 3/50 website as a participant. She told the group that she learned of the project not from the Centralia Chamber but from Mexico’s participation and success. It was suggested that before the group met again with Dana Keller, that CREDI and Chamber representatives meet again to work out the details as to how the partnership would work. Jason will arrange the meeting between the Chamber and CREDI.

d. 501(c)(3) applications has been returned more additional information. Jason and Barry will work on getting that updated and returned.

VIII. New Business

- Discussion of applying for an intern to help with our website and other marketing material. Barry will make the application.

IX. Old Business

- Motion made by Bob, seconded by Donnie to approve purchase of the Acer laptop from Radio Shack in Centralia for $349.00. Motion carried unanimous.

X. Other Business

- Suggestion brought up my Bob that Credi have a BBQ booth at Anchor Fest. The mayor was going to check and see if there was booth space available.

XI. Public Comment

- No public comments

XII. Next Meeting

- Next scheduled meeting is April 24th, 2012

XIII. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm