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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)


Minutes for April 24, 2012 meeting 6:00 PM – County Commission Meeting Room



I.                   Welcome

Board Attendance:

Barry Stevens, Donnie Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Catherine Simmons, Jeff Grimes

General Attendance:

Bob Scribner, Doris Scribner, Nancy Baca, Ronnie Waters, Lynn Behrns, Jim         Blankenship, Justin Baysinger from US Bank, Kaleb Rowden, running for Dist 44 seat,            Jason Shakelford.

II.                Presentation—David Tenny, General Manager, Columbia Dinner Train

            David described the general practices of the Dinner Train...4 course meal, white linen        service chef from Upper Crust in Columbia. Vintage 1951 train only four in the US.  8700 customers since June 2011.Train holds 224 passengers. Private party menu adapted         to events. Suggestions of partnering with Centralia to bring people in for special events        like Anchor Fest, BBQ contest or Battlefield events. Jeff Grimes volunteered to work             with Dinner Train to lay the ground work to bring the train to Centralia for an event.

III.      Reading & Approval of Minutes

Motion made (Catherine Simmons) 2nd (Donnie) to approve the minutes with a correction. Unanimous vote.

IV.      Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

    -   President Barry Stevens introduced Jeff Grimes as the new board member representing the Centralia Chamber of Commerce and Catherine Simmons representing the City of Centralia. They will replace Brandy Forrest and Don Bormann respectively. He also reported that Lorry Myers will fill in as secretary until the board can reorganize.

      -    Secretary’s Report – Two new members...Kinkead Pharmacy and Radio Shack and Lorry Myers, individual membership

-          Treasurer’s Report –

1.      Account Balance - $847.50

2.      22 members

3.      Bills pd to Gerding, Korte, Chitwood for lap top training and Quick Books program

V. Networking Committee Report

Nancy Baca gave a recap of the Job Fair and business showcase.  44 attended the event.   24 businesses participated. $650 income was generated $137.50 in expenses.                  Showcase participants asked for more business networking events  All advertising was donated.  Special recognition to Donnie Rodgers and Rodgers Rentals for their hard work  Discussion about outdoor signs for events. Suggestions about social media...website and Facebook to be updated and current as many saw the Business Showcase on Facebook   Also suggestions to man the CREDI booth with members to answer questions.



VI.     Marketing Committee

-          Lorry contacted Darin Ford at Centralia Schools and Darin sent her the names of six new teachers hired into the district. Emails went out to the new teachers offering a LIVE Tour.

VII.   Reports of Special Committees

a.       Map Committee: Final proofs have been emailed.

b.      Discussion of the 3/50 project:  Amanda Dawson, Jerri Dollens, Matt Stephens, Ginny Zoellers, Donnie Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Barry Stevens

c.       Nominating committee:  Donnie Rogers, Jason Shackelford, Lorry Myers Committee selected four out of the seven nominated to fill two seats.  Discussion how to send out nominations for voting. Nominations are Jason Shackelford, Nancy Baca, Jim Blankenship, Bob Monroe

d.      Jason and Barry completed the second update on the 501c3 application.

VIII.  New Business

EEZ Enhanced Enterprise Zone:  Explanation of the zone by Lynn Behrns.  Low and moderate income/unemployment rate qualifies Centralia for this designation.  All of Centralia except east of High School  and southeast corner of Centralia  50% state tax abatement on property taxes for 10 years is mandatory and you can go above the 50%.  The program term  is 25 years. The City of Centralia's EEZ committee has asked for CREDI's suggestions. To review and offer input is Bob Scribner, Barry Stevens, Catherine Simmons, Jason Shackelford  and alternate member Donnie Rodgers. They will meet offer recommendations for the EEZ board.  Bob Scribner will chair.

IX.     Other Business:

                  -    Nancy Baca reminded the group about upcoming Women's Network Events

-          Bob Scribner offered to facilitate a seminar on Human Relations to small businesses.  Discussion for organization will follow.

X.           Public Comments

                -   Jason Shackelford commented on CREDI's success.

XI.     Next Meeting

-          Next scheduled meeting is May 22, 2012

XII.        Adjournment

-          Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm