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CREDI Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 6:00 p,

County Commission Meeting Room

1021 E Highway 22, Centralia MO 65240


Attendance:  Board Members – Barry Stevens,  Jason Shackelford,  Jeff Grimes, Catherine Simmons.

Absent:  Lorry Myers, Donnie Rogers.

General Audience e:  Nancy y Baca, Ann Barnes,  Lynn Behrns, Kylie Nichols, Bob Scribner, Ronnie Waters

Program:  Scott Stone gave a very informative talk about the FFA program in Centralia.  The motto ”We’re more than just, sows, cow and plow” is to make more people aware of what FFA offers the students.  Information was given about some of the educational aspects the students experience – from classroom, to supervised agricultural experience to leadership.  If a student wishes to be in FFA, they must be enrolled in the AG program, and there are currently 154 students in the program.  The students can remain part of FFA until age 21. 

Election of Directors was completed and tallied.  Jason Shackelford and Jim Blankenship were elected as the new directors.

The April minutes were approve as printed by motion and vote.  There are currently 23 members.

Program:  Drew Yochum provided a visual presentation of “FireStorm” in regards to a potential update of the website.  After the presentation, Catherine Simmons motioned to move forward with FireStorm and Drew Yochum, and to allow Barry Stevens discretionary spending of up to $100.00 per year for the website update and maintenance.  Motion seconded by Jeff Grimes, the motion was voted on and approved.

 Treasurer’s Report shows $960.50 as the current balance, motion made to accept by Jeff Grimes and second by Jason Shackelford.  Motion approved.

Jeff Grimes left the meeting at 7:20 pm.

Committee Reports: 

Networking – Nancy Baca reports no meeting has been scheduled yet.  All comments from the recent Job Fair questionnaire have been positive.   A “Human Resources” workshop is being planned after Labor Day. 

Donnie Rogers arrived 7:30 pm.

The 3/50 Project - Jason Shackelford recommended a name change from 3/50 project to possible 4/50 project or other name.  This recommendation is made after contact from Cindy Baxter who advised Jason the material cannot be copied verbatim.  After discussion about this it was decided to invite high school students to become involved with the committee and assist with the project.

EEZ – Jason announced no meeting has been scheduled yet.  Barry asked Lynn if any firm decisions have been made yet, there is discussion to see of Pat Lensmeyer can be added as the 7th member.

501 © (3) 1023 Application – per IRS guidelines economic development falls under a (c) 6 category, the IRS cited the website with “economic” in the name and “Live Centralia”.   The Columbia REDI is(c) 6.

New Business:

FaceBook – a new person to update this is needed, Drew Yochum volunteered to handle this.  Brandi Forrest has the current password and Barry will email Brandi to obtain this.

Anchor Fest Parade – Ronnie Waters will chair this, Forrest Chevrolet will be asked about loaning a vehicle for the parade.  Barry has signs for the vehicle, and Scott volunteered FFA students to be passengers.

Thank you Certificates for past Board members – Nancy and the networking committee will handle this.

Welcome to Centralia Signs on Highway 22 and Highway 124 – Nancy advised the signs are obscured by  overgrowth of bushes.  Scott advised the FFA students would like to revamp the signs, particularly the one on Highway 22.  Jason moved CREDI appoints Scott and the FFA students to refresh the current signs and to remove the overgrowth of the Highway 124 sign.  Donnie seconded the motion and this was passed.

Next CREDI meeting is scheduled for June 26th and it was suggested the FFA students returning from Costa Rica be invited to speak of their experiences.

Public Comment – The Centralia Chamber of Commerce has joined.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05.

Respectfully Submitted,


Catherine Simmons