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June 27, 2012



1).  Welcome—Meeting started at 6:06 pm by President Barry Stevens. Board members present were Donnie Rodgers, Jim Blankinship, Lorry Myers, Jeff Grimes and Catherine Simmons. Absent Jason Shackelford.  Guests introduced themselves, Lynn Behrns, City Administrator, Mayor Tim Grenke, Northern District Commissioner candidate Lance Robbins, Ron Waters, Waters sound and Light, Nancy Baca, State Farm Insurance, Bob Monroe, Monroe Fast Lube, CHS graduates and MU students Savannah Angell and Dustin Stanton, Centralia FFA members Abby and Sam Sudbrock, and Kathy Bounds, RN, small business owner.

2)    Presentation/Program – The presentation was made by Savannah Angell and Austin Stanton, CHS graduates /Mu students who won trips to Costa Rica, Angell for her flower and cattle enterprises and Stanton for his egg production business. The pair toured the country visiting five different regions and five different agriculture or production operations.  They were especially impressed with the Dole Banana farm, a Pineapple plantation, and the marketing of the Rain Forrest. Angell and Stanton were the first students from Centralia High School to ever earn the privilege to attend the prestigious Earth University.

3)    Minutes of the Previous Meeting—motion made by Myers seconded by Blankinship to approve June minutes. Motion passed unanimous.

4)    Reports of Officers

a.     Secretary Report—One membership renewal from Richman Graphics and reminders that need to go out to others.

b.     Treasurer Report—Balance at date is $1350.50

5)    Election of Officers--Newly elected board members were recognized and the board reorganized for the 2012-2013 term. Motion by Grimes to elect Barry Stevens as President, motion passed unanimous. Motion by Simmons to elect Donnie Rodgers as Vice President, motion passed unanimous. Discussion of combining the Secretary and Treasurer into one position followed. Currently Barry and Lorry do joint banking because of PO Box access, internet banking and new computer accounting program. Motion by Rodgers to elect Lorry Myers as a combined Secretary/Treasurer.  Motion passed unanimous. 

6)    President Stevens recognized all board members and explained the structure of the board. CREDI is a seven member board, four members who are elected by the membership and three others that are appointed by local entities. New board members Jason Shackleford and Jim Blankinship are member elected representatives, Catherine Simmons, represents the City of Centralia, Jeff Grimes, represents the Chamber of Commerce.  Stevens and Myers are also member elected representatives and Donnie Rodgers represents the Centralia School District.   

7)    Reports of Standing Committees

a.     Networking Committee Report-- Certificates of appreciation were presented by Mayor Tim Grenke to those board members who had completed a first term in office for CREDI. Outgoing board member Bob Monroe, and Barry Stevens, Donnie Rodgers and Lorry Myers were recognized as were absent outgoing members Don Bormann, Brandy Forrest and Brian Maenner. Mayor Grenke, whose original idea it was to form the development group, thanked the all members for their time and efforts to shape Centralia’s future.

     Nancy Baca reported that the tentative dates for the seminar called HR Basics was Sept. 18th, 26th, and Oct. 3rd. The seminar will be presented without charge by Doris Scribner from Executive Advantage. There will be a room for 15 – 20 participates and a fee with be charged with all proceeds going to CREDI. Discussion of fees was followed and the Networking Committee will report fee schedule and location of the seminar at the July meeting.  Nancy also asked about Lunch and Learns that could be held in the future.

b.     Marketing Committee Report—Myers gave an update on the Live Centralia tour.

     Bob Monroe reported that the Centralia Art Department had agreed to help design a local business map that would highlight restaurants, retail and service businesses. The project will resume in the fall.

c)  Shop Local Campaign--Jason Shackelford speaking via phone gave the    

     Marketing update. Plans are moving along on the Shop Local campaign that      

is a joint effort with the Centralia Chamber of Commerce.  The committee decided to develop our own program instead of adopting the copyrighted 3/50 Program as previously discussed.  A contest sponsored by the Centralia Fireside Guard and local radio station KMFC, will allow community input into a slogan that will represent the Shop Local campaign. Contest deadline and prize information can be found in the Guard and on local KMFC radio.  Anticipated kick off is in early October.


d.    Enhanced Enterprise Zone Committee Report--Shackelford reported that the EEZ committee submitted input to the City EEZ committee at their request.

e.     Web Site Status and Update—Shackelford and Stevens will meet with website designer and review the contract so the web design can move forward.

f.       Reports of Special (Select or Ad Hoc) Committees

a.     501(c)(6) 1023 Application update—Stevens reported that he and Shackelford will complete the required paperwork and submit the application.  Deadline is September.

g.    New Business—No discussion

h.    Public Comment—Myers gave update on Centralia Women’s Network upcoming events.

Ron Waters offered to provide projector and other equipment for the                 

meeting as needed.             

           Mayor Tim Grenke reminded everyone that he has a business plan for the Chance Guest House that was created by college students.  It is available at the City Hall.  He also mentioned the upcoming Bell Ringing at the City Square on the 4th of July.

            Catherine Simmons announced that the memorial flags at the Centralia Cemetery would be put up on July 2nd and taken down July 5th if any member would like to help.

            It was announced that the University Extension Council has decided to host their annual Town and Country Dinner at the Centralia Battlefield.  Date is August 2nd.  It was suggested to send a note of appreciation.

           Lance Robbins, candidate for Northern District Commissioner of Boone County expressed his appreciation for the group that started CREDI. He hoped other small towns would do the same.

          Sam Sudbrock, representative from the Centralia FFA, reported that his organization worked on the Centralia sign that is on Hwy 22.  They cleaned up the area, repaired the sign and the lighting. Sam also talked about the Centralia Fair and how CREDI could volunteer to make the Fair a success.  He suggested participating in a pre-Fair clean-up day or work in the concession stand during the Fair. He also invited CREDI to observe the FFA planting poinsettias that will be sold during the holidays.

           Nancy Baca asked that a brief submission of CREDI minutes be sent to the Guard after each meeting. Secretary Myers will take care of that.

i.       Next CREDI Meeting Program—Nancy Baca suggested a presentation by the Monroe County Extension office on Social Marketing. That meeting date will be July 24th.

j.        Adjournment—Motion made by Simmons, seconded by Rodgers, meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.