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Board Minutes

January 22, 2013


Board members in attendance:  Donnie Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Catherine Simmons, Barry Stevens, Jason Shackelford.

Absent: Jeff Grimes, Jim Blankinship


Welcome:  Barry Stevens called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm. Barry asked that everyone in the room introduce themselves. Those in attendance other than board members were: Mayor Tim Grenke, City Administrator Lynn Behrns, City Alderman Don Bormann, Nancy Baca, Ronnie Water, Bob and Doris Scribner, Tish Shirlie???, CREDI intern Jess Lingle.


Minutes:  Motion made by Simmons seconded by Shackelford to approve the minutes from November 27, 2012. Motion passed unanimous.


Treasurer’s Report: Myers reported account balance as $2374.00. State Farm liability insurance bill for 96.75 is due.


Purchase with a Purpose Committee:  Shackelford reported to the board that he expects to have an outline for businesses that chose to participate in Purchase with a Purpose ready to go out to the businesses by March.  He also suggested instructions about the program to give to customers who have questions about the program.  Shackelford will send out the completed outline and instructions for the committee to approve before printing. Shackelford will donate the paper and Stevens will donate the printer to avoid printing costs. No newspaper advertising has been scheduled and Shackelford will talk to the Fireside Guard about the next ad promoting Purchase with a Purpose. The Centralia Fireside Guard donated advertising for this project.   Doris Scribner proposed donating radio advertising to promote the program and will get back to the group with further information.


Breakdown of the Purpose with a Purpose costs incurred so far was discussed. The group’s budget had a slight overrun due to a $200 cleaning charge by the County Club on top of the rental fee. Motion by Shackelford, seconded by Simmons to pay the Chamber of Commerce half of the expenses of $595.25. Motion passed unanimous.


Enhanced Enterprise Zone:  Mayor Grenke announced that the Centralia EEZ ordinance has been approved at the County and State level. Centralia is the only community in Boone County to have an EEZ incentive.  This will be promoted on the Centralia, CREDI and Chamber websites as well as REDI.


Web Site Status:  Drew Yokum was not in attendance so Barry reported that there are some updates that remain in regards to Purchase with a Purpose and EEZ. CREDI’s Facebook page does have some activity.


501(c)3 update:  Stevens reported that Intern Lingle has sent the updates for the application to the Gerding group in Columbia and will follow-up to finish the application.


City Contract:  Stevens reported that the contract submitted to the City for funding was reviewed by City Attorney Merritt Beck with very little revisions. Simmons who is appointed to the CREDI board by the City reported that there were a few questions on the City Council in regards to overlaps in services provided by the CREDI and the Chamber.  The City also funds the Chamber of Commerce for local economic development.  Myers asked the Mayor and City Administrator about the Economic Development Committee that was established by the Chamber of Commerce.  According to information on the City’s website, that group meets the 4th Monday of every month at the Chamber of Commerce office. The Mayor and City Administrator were not aware of any group that was currently meeting.  After reviewing the information on the City website, Don Bormann was asked about the group since his name was listed as a contact for the Chamber’s Economic Development committee. Bormann replied that the committee stopped meeting when CREDI was started and now CREDI now replaces that committee.  The City Administrator commented that the information about the Chamber Economic Development committee will be removed from the City’s website. Simmons believed the CREDI’s proposed contract will be discussed at the Feb. 11th, alderman meeting and encouraged all CREDI supporters to be in attendance to answer questions.


New Business:  introduced CREDI intern Jess Lingle.  Lingle is studying International Business at the University of Missouri and will work for CREDI until May of 2013. Lingle presented information about the changing business trends in the world, the United States and in Missouri and how those can be applied to Centralia. Discussion followed about his goals and what his focus should be. He will work with the City to utilize their new grant writing software and make suggestions about fundraising activities.  He will also compile a community profile and hopes to have that completed by the February meeting.


Nominating committee: Stevens appointed a nominating committee to submit at least four names for terms that will be expiring in April. Seats open are Myers and Stevens. Nancy Baca, Mayor Grenke and Ronnie Waters volunteered to be on the nominating committee.


Public Comment:  Nancy Baca asked the Board if they will sponsor the job fair/business showcase. Stevens ask Baca to chair the event and she agreed.  She will choose a date and bring more information back to the board.


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Simmons, seconded by Rodgers.   Motion passed unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Next meeting will be February 26, 2013