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Board Minutes

March 5, 2013

(rescheduled from February)


Board members in attendance:  Donnie Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Catherine Simmons, Barry Stevens, Jim Blankinship, Jeff Grimes.


Welcome:  Barry Stevens called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.


Minutes:  Motion made by Simmons seconded by Rodgers to approve the minutes from January 22, 2013 with two spelling corrections. Motion passed unanimous.


Reports of Officers:

                Secretary Report: Myers suggested letters be sent to businesses and individuals asking them to join CREDI.  She suggested that each board member bring five names to the March meeting that they thought might be likely candidates for members.

Treasurer’s Report: Myers reported the account balance as $832.00. Catherine Simmons and Forrest Chevrolet have paid their membership dues. There is a pending bill of $755.00 owed to Gerding Chitwood Accounts for the filing of the 501(c)6.


Reports of Standing Committees:

                Business Expo Report: Nancy Baca reported that the Business Expo is scheduled for April 6th at the Centralia Intermediate School from 9:00 am – 11:30 am. Booth fee is $25 for a table. There will be three seminars that morning presented by Executive Advantage detailing business strategy in hiring, employee resume skills, and how to thrive in a business environment. Currently nineteen businesses have tentatively confirmed to have booths. Letters are being sent to anyone having a business license in Centralia.

Purchase with a Purpose Committee:  Myers reported that the Purchase with a Purpose Committee had met and would move forward with getting the message out. Flyers will be inserted into the City newsletter and will reach 1800 residents. The Chamber of Commerce has offered to bear the cost of $189 to print and fold the flyers.  An informational sheet has also been completed that will be handed to merchants to help explain the program. Myers and intern Jess Lingle will also meet with school personnel to push the project and encourage use of the Purchase with a Purpose logo on their website.  A new Facebook Page has been created that will allow merchants to post information about sales and promotions from their businesses. Advertising was discussed and the committee will work with the Guard to create ads to promote the project.

Website Status & Social Media Update. New information is needed to update the website.


Reports of Special (Select of Ad Hoc) Committees:

Jess Lingle-Intern report:  Jess reported to the group about the progress with the Business Expo, Purchase with a Purpose and Live Centralia tours. He also outlined his meetings with Columbia REDI, University Extension, the Centralia School District and Hubbell. He detailed opportunities for Centralia in the areas of Tourism, Historical sites, Downtown Revitalization, and Farmer’s Markets. Because of the 501(c)6 status of the group, grants for funding a director will be limited.

CREDI/City Service Contract:  Approval for the City contract is expected in March. Board members will try to attend the City board meetings to answer any questions.


Boone County Commission Response to Office Space Request:  Stevens showed the letter that was received from Northern County Commissioner Janet Thompson. The letter basically told the group that the County would not be willing to share utility expenses with CREDI but would expect them to pay 100% of utilities and building maintenance and still open the building to anyone that requested use of the meeting room. The CREDI board expressed their disappointment with the response. The group will wait and see what happens with their request for funding with the City before making an official reply.


New Business: 

                Certified Welding program at Centralia High School: Jess and Myers reported their meeting with John Blevin at Hubbell and his concern about the Certified Welding Program that never officially got off the ground. Jess and Myers met with School Superintendent Darin Ford to discuss the situation. They also toured the building where the welding program would be taught. A follow-up meeting with school officials is scheduled.

Columbia Solar Panel and Hubbell/AB Chance:  Jess and Stevens gave some background about the City of Columbia buying anchors for solar panels from a company in Arizona. John Blevin from Hubbell had mentioned his frustration about the situation and thought CREDI might be able to help.  Grimes offered to get more information for the group.

New Board Member Nominations:  Nomination Committee Chairperson Baca offered the slate of nominations that her group had come up with. Myers, Stevens and Mike Watson from Boone County Bank will be the slate of nominees.  Stevens reported that Board Member Shackelford had resigned and according to the CREDI by-laws, the group would need to appoint someone to fill the remaining two years of his term.  Motion by Grimes, seconded by Rogers to appoint Mike Watson to fill the open seat. Motion passed unanimous. The other two names of Stevens and Myers will be submitted to membership for a vote along with the opportunity to write in candidates. Members will be officially seated at the April meeting.


Public Comment:  Chamber of Commerce annual dinner will be April 11th.


Next Meeting:  March 26, 2013


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Simmons, seconded by Grimes.   Motion passed unanimous.