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Board Minutes

March 26,, 2013

Board members in attendance:  Barry Stevens, Don Rodgers, Mike Watson, Jeff Grimes and Catherine Simmons.

Welcome:  President Barry Stevens called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.

Minutes:  Motion made by Simmons, seconded by Rodgers to approve the March 5, 2013, motion passed unanimous.

Reports of Officers

     Secretary Report – no report.

     Treasurer’s Report – current balance is $602.00.  Have received registration fees for 7 booths for the CREDI 2013 Business Expo.

Reports of Standing Committees

     CREDI 2013 Business Expo Report – Nancy Baca, chair, reports there are 20 business committed to attend and she has received 3 recent contacts.  Nancy discussed advertising and distribution of the flyer and application.  She also advised the floor plan would be laid out differently this year and the work-shops would be held on the stage.  The cash outlay for the Expo will be approximately $150.00.  A motion was made by Simmons with a second by Grimes to approve funds for the Expo, motion passed unanimous.

     “Purchase with a Purpose” – The committee met with Neville Patel, owner of DC’s to discuss another event.  A planning meeting will be held at the Chamber Office to discuss this.  Tax revenues continue with an upward trend.  Key to success of program is educating consumers. 

     Web Site Status & Social Media update – Nancy spoke with Drew who will work with the marketing committee, Lorry and Jess to ensure back-up of people available to update the website and Facebook page.  It is very important to keep the pages up to date.

     Reports of Special (Select or Ad Hoc) Committees

     CREDI/City Service Contract – the contracts for Chamber of Commerce and CREDI were both approved for the requested amounts by the Board of Aldermen at the meeting March 25th

     CREDI response to Boone County Commission Response to Office Space Request – response sent that counter-offer is not feasible and to see if there is another option for working out an mutually acceptable agreement.

     Certified Welding Program at Centralia High School – this is on track to ensure it is successful – the school is looking at the equipment to see if any upgrades are required and Hubbell is looking at insuranc.

     Columbia Solar Panel company and Hubbell/AB Chance – there is a meeting scheduled for March 29th.

     New Board Member Elections – there were no write-in candidates so Barry and Lorry were re-elected to the board for the term beginning April 23rd

New Business

     Letter and Community Profile to MagPul in Colorado – these documents are being reviewed and completed.  Inquiries have been made to see if there is a specific contact person to address the letter to.  Copies of these will go to REDI.

     REDI meeting report – REDI will make available on their website a list of business sites available in Centralia – this information is available for 22 states to view.

     Oliver Parking Lot: project for FBLA? – Oliver Funeral Home will permit a not-for-profit group to apply for using the parking lot to sell parking spaces during AnchorFest as a fund-raiser.  Groups will have to apply.  If CREDI sponsors FBLA for this then CREDI insurance will provide coverage.

     Chamber Dinner April 11th – tickets are $15.00/person and are sold at City Hall, the Chamber Office and Kinkead’s.

     Office Space – there is still a need for this and various options are being discussed.

Public Comment – Lynn Behrns, City Administrator announced the Switzler St. project has been approved and the company winning the bid is out of Troy MO.

There was discussion about the Hubbell announcement regarding expansion of the Centralia facility and the commitment to the community.

The next meeting will be held at 6:00 pm April 23rd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30