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Board Minutes
May 28, 2013
Board members in attendance:  David Wilkins, Lorry Myers, Ross Foster, Barry Stevens, Mike Watson.
Absent:  Donnie Rodgers, Jim Blankinship
Welcome:  Barry Stevens called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.
Introduction:  Gabe Martinez from Angell Insurance Co introduced himself.
Minutes:  Motion to approve minutes by Wilkins. Seconded by Watson. Motion carried unanimous.
Reports of Officers:
                Secretary Report: Myers reported giving a new employee from Hubbell and his wife a Live Centralia tour. Employee was searching for available suitable rental property in Centralia but was having a difficult time finding it. They were very interested in living in Centralia and were surprised by everything Centralia had to offer. However, housing was a problem.               
                Treasurer Report: Bank balance $11,121.23 which included the $10,000 payment from the City of Centralia and membership dues for Sonic.
Reports of Standing Committees:
Purchase with a Purpose report:  Volunteers were solicited to try to bring new life to the Purchase with a Purpose campaign. Catherine Simmons, Paula Hayden and Ryan Winn offered to be a part of the committee and jump start the program.
Website Status & Social Media Update: Discussion about contracting with Firestorm in order to keep the website current. Internet searches are vital to development and the information has to be updated and current. Stevens will talk to Firestorm about a fee structure.
Reports of Special (Select of Ad Hoc) Committees:
                Certified Welding program:  Myers reported that the school instructor will be meeting with an advisor from Hubbell in regards to curriculum.
                Columbia Solar Panel Project: Caleb Rowden hosted a meeting with CREDI, Hubbell and the City of Columbia to discuss the City of Columbia purchasing solar anchors from Hubbell. In attendance were Donnie Rodgers, Barry Stevens and Lorry Myers from CREDI, John Blevins and a Hubbell representative, Bernie Andrews from REDI and Mayor McDavid from Columbia. Hubbell gave a power point presentation about their product and Mayor McDavid assured the group he would look into the possibilities of purchasing from Hubbell.
                CHS FBLA Project:  The parking lot project that FBLA had applied for with CREDI’s help was awarded to the Boy Scouts.
                Columbia Dinner Train: Myers reported that CREDI representatives met with REDI, the tourism bureau of Columbia and the Dinner Train representative about bringing the Dinner Train to Centralia for Anchor Fest. The Dinner Train has been trying to partner with Centralia for some time. Dates, ticket price, unloading sites and insurance were discussed. The tourism bureau stated they would like more information about Centralia events to help promote Northern Boone County. Insurance was also discussed in regards to the Dinner Train.
New Business:
                New Intern: Stevens introduced CREDI’s new intern Ryan Winn. Ryan is from the Moberly/Westran area and is a senior at MU majoring in Finance. He will be taking over the internship from Jess Lingle. Ryan will work on specific projects for CREDI.
Office Space at Boone County Bank: Discussion of the office space that Boone County Bank has offered CREDI within their bank. Wilkins presented costs about a data and phone line for the office. Motion by Myers, seconded by Wilkins to budget $225 for average monthly expenses for the office. This will include telephone, data line, internet and supplies. Costs for a printer were discussed and Paula Hayden offered to research printers from Radio Shack. Motion by Myers, seconded by Watson to spend no more than $250 on an office printer. Motion carried unanimous.
Public Comment:  Mayor Grenke invited the group to the Memorial Event at the Avenue of Flags.
Next Meeting:  June 25, 2013
Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Watson, seconded by Foster. Motion passed unanimous. Adjournment at 7:50 pm.