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Centralia Regional Economic Development, Inc. (CREDI)

Minutes for January 24th meeting 6:00PM – County Commission Meeting Room


I. Welcome

Board Attendance:

Don Rodgers, Lorry Myers, Don Bormann, Bob Monroe (Brandy Forrest, Brian Maenner, Barry Stevens absent)

General Attendance:

Jim Blankinship, Bob Scribner, Doris Scribner, Jason Shackelford, Ann Barnes, Larry Dudgeon, Catherine Simmons, Nancy Bacca, Roanetta Rodgers

II. Mexico Chamber of Commerce Presentation

- Dana Keller – Mexico Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Dana has been at her job for 3 years. Mexico Chamber has about 400 members and is funded by membership dues, County funding beginning this year and City funding. Dana talked about their quarterly Chamber after hours, several programs with the school and her involvement in supporting Economic Development. City sales tax was up 9% last year in Mexico. She talked about the State of the City, 350 Program, Reality Store for 8th graders, Chamber Ambassadors and other programs.

III. Reading & Approval of Minutes

- Review November 22nd Meeting minutes:

- Correction: Bob Monroe was at the meeting and not listed.

- Motion made (Lorry) 2nd (Don R.) approved as corrected.

IV. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees.

- Secretary’s Report – None

- Treasurer’s Report –

1. Account Balance - $1014.68

2. Insurance is due--$96.75

3. No new members since November

V. Networking Committee Report

- Fina has resigned as committee chairperson. Next meeting scheduled for Feb.6th

VI. Marketing Committee Report

- “Live Centralia” Campaign Report –

1. No additional tours were given this month.

2. Marketing to work on State of The City

VII. Finance/Funding Committee.

- No report

VIII. Select Committee Report

- Map project seems to be stalled

IX. Website

- Stephen not in attendance – viewed the website main page.

X. Special Orders

- 501- 3C paperwork –

Jason Shackelford reviewed the progress of the paperwork

XI. Meeting Schedule

- Next meeting, Feb. 28th at 6:00 pm at County Commission Meeting Room

XII. Public Comment

Comments about the presentation and ideas to move forward

XIII. Adjournment

- Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.