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Board Minutes
June 24, 2014
Board members in attendance: Emily Curtis, Lorry Myers, Gabe Martinez, Don Bormann, David Wilkins
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:03 p.m.
Minutes: Motion by Wilkins to approve minutes from the May 24th meeting as amended. Seconded by Bormann. Motion approved, unanimous.
Officer Report/Comments: President Martinez reported that CREDI had received the funding from the City and expressed his appreciation. He is working with Drew Yokum to improve our website.
Treasurer Myers reported the CREDI balance as $11,087.13. Signers have been changed on the bank account with Boone County Bank.
Seat new members: Martinez introduced new elected board member Damon Reynolds and board member Matt Smith who has been appointed by the school. CREDI now has a full board of directors.
Reports of appointees: Board member Bormann, appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, updated the board on Chamber activities. Bormann reported that Anchor Fest attendance and booth rentals were down but ticket sales were up due to ticket price increase. Profits were one of the best ever.
Board member Wilkins, appointed by the City, gave an update about the new city administrator who will begin working with Lynn Behrns in July. City Hall is getting a new roof the police department a new server and several streets in town have been paved.
Board member Smith, appointed by the school, reported that summer school is in session. Several remodeling projects are happening, track is being resurfaced and salary schedules have been reviewed.
Reports of Standing Committees: Board member Curtis reported that she is working on a marketing piece that can be produced inexpensively and used at ballgames, tournaments, and in merchant stores as well as information for new and potential residents. She will also review the current marketing piece that was created to market Centralia to businesses looking to relocate.
Live Centralia tour was discussed and how to encourage tours for new teachers during the hiring process.
New Business: The board discussed putting together a list of buildings that are for sale. This list will include only property that is for sale and not property that is available but not priced. With that list, the board will brainstorm about how to market and solicit new businesses.
The mission statement and by-laws were reviewed to make sure they were current and relevant.
Fundraiser: Volunteers were asked to commit to working on a fundraiser for the first of the year.
Discussion next meeting about the CREDI office and what to do with the existing phone line.
Pubic Comment: Board member Bormann provided the board information about Proposition Epic which is a proposed sales tax for Boone County that will support the fair ground and parks and other community projects..
Bob Scribner talked to the board about competing with online businesses and how that can affect small towns.
Nancy Baca informed the board about the upcoming Centralia Fair which will be held July 10th – July 12th.
Fundraiser for the Centralia Battlefield will be July 12th.
Adjourned: Motion by Wilkins to adjourn, seconded by Bormann. Motion unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm
Next meeting date: July 22, 2014