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Charles Holland speaks to CREDI about "Social Media in Business".

Charles answers questions about how social media can promote business.

Charles Holland, a Business Development Specialist at University of Missouri Extension, came to the July CREDI meeting to discuss social media in business.  Charles started out the meeting discussing how social media has started to change the way businesses communicate with their customers.  Social media can be utilized to educate and reassure costumers about products and services. 



Charles then moved into the demographics of social media.  

"Peer networks are trusted."  

Consumers are starting to trust advertisements less and peer recomendation more.  Only 14% of consumers trust advertisements and 78% trust peer reviews.  


Charles recommended that everyone watch the video below "Social Media Revolution":


This is the 2012 version:


There are several different social media pages. How do you know which one to use?  Charles showed a slide that explains the context of each site.





The last topic that Charles discussed is "Points of Interest".  If you've ever gone to Google maps or used your GPS to search for a restaurant you've used points of interest.  Charles really stresses that everyone go to Google places and register their business as a point of interest.  People are now using the internet to search for products and services instead of the yellow pages.  




Charles wraps up the presentation leaving the group with some key things to remember.



Charles is one of many speakers CREDI has had at their monthly meetings.  This article only covers pieces of what he spoke about.  We encourage the community to come to our meetings. They are fully open to the public at no cost.  Check our facebook page events for upcoming events and meetings.